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  1. Plural of quaver


  1. third-person singular of quaver

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Quavers are a popular British snack produced by Walkers. Walkers is currently owned by Frito-Lay, which is in turn owned by PepsiCo. The primary ingredient in Quavers is reconstituted potatoes, similar to the ingredient used in Pringles (available in various countries). Originally cheese-flavoured, the product line has been expanded to include four flavours: cheese, bacon, prawn cocktail and salt and vinegar. Ketchup flavour was introduced for a limited time only and has long been discontinued.
The former mascot of Quavers was a cartoon character named 'Colin Curly', who also appeared in two Amiga and Atari ST puzzle games: Pushover (1992) and its sequel, One Step Beyond (1993), both published by Ocean.
The brand has been available for over 30 years. In February 2007 Quavers were re-launched in new packaging (along with other Walkers brands such as Wotsits and Monster Munch) to coincide with the new usage of Sunseed oil in their ingredients.
Walkers were originally called Smiths, where Quavers were produced by a separate brand from the original walkers crisps.
The original mascot for the brand was a bulldog dressed in a yellow suit (or different colours depending on what flavour he was advertising).
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